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This Week in Machine Learning: AI & Ethics, Brain Tumors, and Wildlife Protection

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Pawel Kijko
14th November, 2022

What has happened in the machine learning world over the last week? If you’re interested in the latest trends, check out the weekly roundup. News, analysis, interesting stories. Read, learn, and get inspired!

Here are the best picks from the last week from the world of machine learning. Enjoy the read!

Weekly Roundup: June 17-29

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» If AI is going to help us in a crisis, we need a new kind of ethics by Will Douglas Heavenarchive page on MIT Technology Review | June 24

Ethics is an important element in works on AI. Check this insightful interview with Jess Whittlestone from the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge on why we need a new kind of ethics for AI.

» IBM Research releases differential privacy library that works with machine learning by Jonathan Greig on TechRepublic | June 29

IBM released the open-source Differential Privacy Library. Its purpose is to allow experimentation, simulation, and implementation of differentially private models using a common codebase and building blocks.

» Machine Learning Tools Detect New Brain Cancer Cell Types by Jessica Kent | June 26

It’s well-known that ML can help in saving human lives. We’re still far from perfection, but this article shows that there’s a bright future ahead of us – researchers from Vanderbilt University leveraged unsupervised and automated machine learning techniques to analyze millions of cancer cells and identify new cancer cell types in brain tumors. The study can later help in the treatment of brain tumors.

⇒ Here’s the original research paper.

» Leveraging Temporal Context for Object Detection on Google AI Blog | June 26

What does machine learning have in common with wildlife and ecological monitoring? Read for yourself!

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» Old but gold, the reliable Reddit thread on ML for more news on machine learning. There’s always something for everyone – tips, tricks, hacks, and more news.

That’s all folks! I hope you found something of interest in this weekly roundup. Don’t forget to check our blog for more inspiring articles.

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