This Week in Machine Learning: Our Podcast, ML Tips, and Neural Networks

Posted March 30, 2020

If you’re stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can dedicate your free time to deepening your knowledge on machine learning. If you’ve already read all the books and available resources, check out this weekly roundup.

Here goes a dose of the latest news, discoveries, and inspiring stories. There is something for everyone. Enjoy your read!

Weekly Roundup: March 24th – 30th

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> Best Python Libraries for Machine Learning and Deep Learning by Claire D. from Digitalogy | March 25

A nice comparison of the best Python libraries for modern machine learning models and projects.

> Machine Learning Tips that will save you hours of head-scratching by Roman Orac | March 25

Using these tips will drastically reduce redundant work. There will be less “What did I screw again” moments.

> Neural networks facilitate optimization in the search for new materials by David L. Chandler, MIT News Office | March 26

A fascinating read on how sorting through millions of possibilities, a search for battery materials delivered results in five weeks instead of 50 years.

The 10 Best Free Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Courses for 2020 by 

Bernard Marr | March 24

Demand for people with artificial intelligence and machine learning skills has never been bigger. Demand clearly outstrips supply. If you want to boost your AI and ML skills, then these 10 free courses are a great place to start.

> Machine Learning Finds Just How Contagious (R-Naught) the Coronavirus Is by Andre Ye on Towards Data Science blog | March 23

And the author claims that “The answer is probably not what you think” but I won’t reveal more, make sure to check it out!

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> Old but gold, the reliable Reddit thread on ML for more news on machine learning

That’s all folks! I hope you found something of interest in this weekly roundup. Don’t forget to check our blog for more inspiring articles.

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