This Week in Machine Learning: Earthquakes, Music, and More​

Posted March 2, 2020

Every day brings new opportunities. A week brings even more. To make sure you’re getting the most out of it, we’ve gathered a list of trending articles of the week – everything about Data Science, AI, tech and machine learning. 

Let’s see what was happening in machine learning over the past week.

Here goes a dose of the latest news, discoveries, and inspiring stories. There is something for everyone. Enjoy your read!

Weekly Roundup: February 24th – March 2nd

> How to use machine learning (if you can’t code) to help your keyword research by Andy Chadwick | Search Engine Land, February 28

Here’s an easy way to categorize 100k keywords in less than a few hours of actual working time for SEO and machine learning lovers.

> Machine learning picks out hidden vibrations from earthquake data by Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office, February 28

A fascinating article on how MIT researchers have used a neural network to identify low-frequency seismic waves hidden in earthquake data. The technique may help scientists more accurately map the Earth’s interior.

Interview with hero: Radek Osmulski |, Learning to Learn | Machine Learning, Kaggle & Blogging by Sanyam Bhutani (Chai Time Data Science) March 1

If you want to learn interesting facts about, tune in and enjoy the show!

> AI and Machine Learning: How They Are Changing the Content Industry by Alice Jones on | cloud academy, February 28

For those of you who work in content marketing, and write. Read how it affects your work.

> Making Sense of Sound: What Does Machine Learning Mean for Music? by Alex Paretski | February 28

Machine learning and its impact on music. Can AI create music? The pros, cons, and limitations.

> Exploring Transfer Learning with T5: the Text-To-Text Transfer Transformer by Adam Roberts, Staff Software Engineer and Colin Raffel, Senior Research Scientist, Google Research | Google AI Blog, February 24

Google’s insights from their latest work on NLP.

> KDnuggets™ News of the week with top stories and tweets of the past week, plus opinions, tutorials, events, webinars, meetings, and jobs

> Don’t forget about the reliable Reddit thread on ML for more news on machine learning!

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