Version and share Jupyter notebooks. No git, just click.

Snapshot notebooks with a click

Version notebook checkpoints with a Jupyter extension

Just download the extension to your Jupyter Lab or Jupyter Notebook and click the upload button whenever you want to version your checkpoint.

No complex githooks or scripts that create a .html and .py copy with every save. Simple, clean, and powerful.

Have your interactive visualizations rendered nicely

You created an interactive plot, saved your checkpoint and it wasn’t rendered as interactive in your version control system?

With Neptune it just works out of the box.

Automatically snapshot checkpoints for every ML experiment you run

Running Machine Learning experiments in Jupyter notebooks? It’s easy to forget which parameter changes or ad-hoc workarounds you created. In theory, you can `git commit` before every run but in practice do you actually do it?

With Neptune you can have your experiment runs automatically saved with parameters, metrics, notebook checkpoints, and more.

Organize, find and compare notebooks quickly

Run notebooks anywhere and have them saved in one place

You and your team can run a quick notebook analysis on your laptop, get to the office and do an exploratory data analysis, run your model training in the cloud, and analyze errors on yet another machine.

With Neptune, all of those notebooks will be saved in one central server. Rendered and easy to access at any time for anyone on your team.

Compare checkpoints from you and your teammates

Notebook diffs are different than code diffs. You have code to compare but also markdown, images, and outputs. Most tools cannot create a nice diff that understands all of those objects.

With Neptune, you can compare notebook checkpoints with one click.

Easily find checkpoints you care about with names and descriptions

Add short names and long descriptions to the checkpoints you know are important. It makes finding important checkpoints easier for you and everyone else on your team.

You can do it when uploading a checkpoint in Jupyter or later in the Neptune UI.

Collaborate on notebooks with your team

Share notebooks and checkpoint comparisons with a link

Want to quickly discuss something regarding a notebook, checkpoint, or checkpoint comparison?

Just send a link, it’s that easy.

Download your teammates’ checkpoints directly into your Jupyter

Search through your experiments, compare them, and find the information you need in minutes.

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