Integrate your AWS SageMaker notebooks with Neptune and enable, sharing and diffing notebook checkpoints, notebook auto-snapshots when running experiments and more!

  • Adding Neptune extension to your AWS SageMaker notebooks lets you track your notebook checkpoints, see diffs between different versions and share it with your team easily.
  • For every experiment you run the notebook .ipynb checkpoint will be auto-snapshoted giving you full control over your work
  • With Neptune fetching results, notebooks checkpoints or any other information that you logged is super simple and can be done directly in your notebooks or scripts.
Experiments tracking
Experiments sharing in the team
Experiments comparison
Notebooks tracking and sharing
Notebooks comparison
Team management
Open source integrations
Hardware monitoring for experiments
Interactive experiments dashboard

Version, share and diff your AWS SageMaker notebooks, keep track of your notebook experimentation.

You can track and share your AWS SageMaker notebooks easily with Neptune. Compare results or notebook checkpoints kepp track of your machine learning experimentation and organize your projects.

When creating your AWS SageMaker notebook instance add a snippet to your start_notebook and create_notebook Scripts. Now whenever you fire up a new instance Neptune will be connected and ready to go!

Support for deep learning libraries

  • Start instantly with out-of-the-box integration.
  • Track rich data (metrics, text, images, files and more).
  • Save model weights.

Shareable visualizations

  • All charts visible for team members.
  • Compare across multiple experiments and gain insight.
  • Download charts from UI.

Backed up experiments history

  • All visualizations are stored and secured.
  • Keep all history – review when needed.
  • Secured Intellectual Property (IP).

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