Automatically track XGBoost training progress to Neptune

  • Log XGBoost metrics to Neptune (train and eval)
  • Log model, feature importance and trees visualizations for deeper analysis
  • Compare across multiple experiments
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XGBoost metrics logged to Neptune automatically

Experiment tracking tool with XGBoost integration, to automatically log training and validation progress.

Develop XGBoost train or cv functions in a regular way. If you prefer the sklearn API it’s fine too. Then, simply add neptune_callback that will log metrics, model, feature importance charts and visualized trees out-of-the-box.

Easy logging

  • Log metrics, text, images, files and more to the experiments.
  • Log experiment parameters.
  • Easy integration with Python libraries.

Shareable visualizations

  • All charts visible for team members.
  • Compare across multiple experiments and gain insight.
  • Download charts from UI.

Backed up experiments history

  • All visualizations are stored and secured.
  • Keep all history – review when needed.
  • Secured Intellectual Property (IP).

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