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Senior Frontend Engineer


As part of our team, you will:

  • develop beautiful and highly usable UI components.
  • cooperate closely with Product Manager, UX Designer and Backend engineers while iterating on new features. We promote short feedback loop and value everyone’s opinion.
  • improve overall user experience of our product by increasing the quality of the frontend.
  • teach other developers and share your experience. We want to learn from each other.
  • participate in choosing the tools we use. We’ll lean on your knowledge and expertise to select technologies.
  • participate in defining our application’s architecture.


Our tech stack

  • TypeScript, JavaScript
  • ReactJS + Redux
  • SlateJS
  • RxJS
  • HTML5, CSS3 (Less and Styled Components)
  • Storybook
  • Webpack & Babel


Our expectations

  • You’re always hungry for more knowledge – learning new things is natural for you, you do it constantly.
  • You are proficient in JavaScript and have solid experience with large scale single page applications.
  • You have a broad knowledge of the general web landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies.
  • You have experience with TypeScript.
  • You have practical knowledge of ReactJS and Redux or other state management system / library.
  • You know how to build reusable and composable UI components.
  • You know how to break down UX/UI design into UI components and/or decide which existing component perfectly fits the design.
  • You can understand the code on the libraries’ level.
  • You do not stop debugging code when you enter libraries code.
  • You point out mistakes at both: UX/UI design and the system architecture design level.
  • You perform an excellent code review.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning concepts would be awesome!


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