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Senior Software Engineer


As part of our team, you will …

… be building an application that adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Scalable: we aim to be the standard for data scientists around the world – there’s quite a few of them.
  • Portable: we offer both SaaS and on-prem installations. There are times when we need to be very lightweight.
  • Flexible: Machine Learning is a very fast-paced field, we often need to adapt.

… be choosing the tools we use. We’ll lean on your knowledge and expertise to select technologies.

… participate in defining our application’s architecture.

… implement new features and improve the existing ones.


Our tech stack

  • Java (+ Spring), Scala, Python, TypeScript
  • Kubernetes, Helm, containerization
  • Cloud: GCP, AWS, Azure
  • MySQL, Elasticsearch, Kafka


Our expectations

  • You’re always hungry for more knowledge – learning new things is natural for you, you do it constantly.
  • You are proficient in Java and have solid experience with JVM-based applications.
  • You have experience with Python.
  • You have a working knowledge of Kubernetes and containerization in general, you understand its concepts.
  • You know the advantages and limitations of various storages (SQL, NoSQL, filesystems, object storages).
  • You perform an excellent code review.
  • If you have experience with Scala and/or TypeScript that’s great.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning concepts would be awesome!


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