Version models

Save your production-ready models to a centralized registry

Version, review and access production-ready models and metadata associated with them in a single place.
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Register a model

Register production-ready model. You can attach any metadata or artifacts to it and organize them in any structure you want.

Create model version

For any registered model, create as many model versions as you want. Again, you can attach whatever metadata you want to it.

Version externalmodel artifacts

Save hash, location and other model artifact metadata. You don’t have to upload the model to Neptune. Just keep track of the model reference to local or S3-compatible storage.

Review and change stages

Look at the validation, test metrics, and other model metadata and approve stage transitions. You can move models between None, Staging, Production, and Archived.

Access and share models

Every model and model version is accessible via Neptune App or through the API. Once you have all the model artifacts you can deploy your model in your production pipelines or serve it via API.

Make sure the model handover is as smooth as possible