Create AzureML Pipeline – Workshop with Aurimas Griciūnas

0 min
12th June, 2023

In this video, Aurimas Griciūnas (Neptune’s Senior Solutions Architect) demonstrates how to run a pipeline from AzureML Notebook and automate the entire process using Azure DevOps.

The agenda:

  • 00:01


  • 02:35

    Introduction to ML training pipeline stages

  • 04:56

    How Neptune fits the picture

  • 06:46

    Overview of the project in the Notebook

  • 14:19

    Prerequisites for AzureML Pipelines and Azure DevOps

  • 18:21

    Building the AzureML Pipeline

  • 46:24

    Integrating with Azure DevOps

Other useful resources

Read the documentation on using Neptune with Azure ML.

Check the example repo on GitHub.

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