How to Organize Kedro Pipelines: Kedro + Integration

1 min
Jakub Czakon
11th April, 2022
  • 00:00

    Intro to Kedro-Neptune plugin

  • 00:23

    Basic example

  • 07:15

    Advanced example

  • 13:20

    Exploring predictions

  • 15:20

    Grouping runs

  • 17:20

    Converting nodes

What will you get with the Neptune-Kedro integration?

Kedro is a popular open-source project that helps standardize ML workflows. It gives you a clean and powerful pipeline abstraction where you put all your ML code logic.

Kedro-Neptune plugin lets you have all the benefits of a nicely organized kedro pipeline with a powerful user interface built for ML metadata management that lets you:

  • Browse, filter, and sort your model training runs
  • Compare nodes and pipelines on metrics, visual node outputs
  • Display all pipeline metadata including learning curves for metrics, plots, images, rich media or interactive visualizations from Plotly, Altair, or Bokeh
  • And do whatever else you would expect from a modern ML metadata store

Check the Kedro-Neptune integration docs. 

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