How to Log and Compare Time-Series Forecasting Project Metadata

1 min
Parth Tiwary
23rd May, 2022

What will you learn?

How you can log and compare time-series forecasting project metadata in Neptune.

  • 00:27

    How to initialize a run in Neptune?

  • 00:51

    What are the namespaces?

  • 01:20

    How to upload plots as images to Neptune?

  • 03:18

    How to log a series to Neptune?

  • 03:36

    How to log an interactive plot to Neptune?

  • 04:06

    How to log evaluation metrics to a Neptune run?

  • 04:13

    UI walkthrough

  • 08:14

    How to compare runs in Neptune?

Read the documentation and learn more about comparing runs

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