How to Log Computer Vision Experiments Using the Pytorch Lightning Integration

1 min
Parth Tiwary
23rd May, 2022

What will you learn?

How you can log computer vision experiments using the Pytorch Lightning integration with Neptune.

  • 00:13

    Introduction to the problem

  • 00:25

    The concept of namespaces

  • 00:47

    How to log metrics using the PTL integration?

  • 02:10

    How to log images using the PTL integration?

  • 02:31

    How to log misclassified examples to Neptune?

  • 03:22

    How to log confusion metrics to Neptune?

  • 03:40

    How to log hyperparameters to Neptune?

  • 03:57

    Initialize a model checkpoint object in PTL

  • 04:29

    How to integrate the Neptune logger in the PTL code?

  • 06:15

    UI walkthrough

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