Introducing Neptune: Metadata Store for MLOps

1 min
Kamil Kaczmarek
21st April, 2022

What will you learn?

What is Neptune and in which areas it can be helpful.

  • 00:13

    What is Neptune?

  • 00:48

    What is ML model training metadata?

  • 01:21

    How can Neptune help you?

  • 01:46

    How does Neptune work?

  • 02:17

    Where can I log from?

  • 02:38

    Does Neptune provide a compute infrastructure?

  • 03:01

    Can team members with different setups work on the same project?

  • 03:53

    Does Neptune allow me to also fetch the metadata I logged?

  • 04:31

    Can I use Neptune with my existing CI/CD pipelines?

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