Time-series Forecasting With Model Types: ARIMAX, FBProphet, LSTM

1 min
Parth Tiwary
21st April, 2022

In this webinar, Parth Tiwary (’s Product team) and Kamil Kaczmarek (’s DevRel team) dive into best practices that teams use to keep track of time series forecasting models.

The agenda:

  • A quick intro to forecasting with ARIMAX, FBProphet, and LSTM
  • Why and what to track in time-series forecasting projects?
  • How you can use Neptune for:
    • Keeping track of each model instance ‘per time series’ for the same algorithm
    • Logging model forecasts and visualizing them in Neptune
    • Organizing thousands of runs with custom dashboards and views
  • Tips and tricks on using Neptune for time-series forecasting
  • Q&A session
  • 00:01


  • 03:54

    What is

  • 06:28

    Time series models and what to track

  • 12:32


  • 27:04


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