How to Version and Compare Datasets

1 min
Parth Tiwary
21st April, 2022

What will you learn?

How you can version and compare datasets in Neptune.

  • 00:13

    How to version datasets using artifacts in Neptune?

  • 03:00

    How to filter runs that used a specific data version?

  • 03:46

    How to group runs by data versions?

  • 04:15

    How to compare runs based on the data versions used?

  • 06:10

    How to track data versions for each stage of the model building pipeline?

  • 06:35

    How to identify the latest or oldest version of the artifact?

  • 06:57

    How to use the custom run ID to log metadata from multiple scripts or machines to a single run?

Important: This video was created in May 2022. For the most up-to-date code examples, please refer to the Neptune docs

Other useful resources

Check the docs on working with artifacts: versioning datasets in runs.

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