Welcome back 👋

Good to see you again! Ready to check out your experiments?

Recently released

We added a few cool things to the experiment Compare view:

  • you can modify the charts’ legend and choose to display what is relevant;
  • the table is now vertical and has changes highlighted, so you can easily spot changes in parameters or other data across selected experiments; 
  • you can turn on/off highlighting differences;
  • you can hide a particular experiment from a comparison view.

You might also notice that the UI got some new fresh colors 🙂

New integrations

HiPlot + neptune.ai
Pytorch Lightening + neptune.ai
Ignite + neptune.ai
SKORCH + neptune.ai
Catalyst + neptune.ai

Need some help?

There are plenty of ways to ask us anything:

  • live chat widget in the right bottom corner – the easiest way to connect with us;
  • support chat – a perfect place to, i.a., request a feature or check if your question has been already answered before;
  • good, old-school methods – you can always reach us via email at contact@neptune.ai.

Most of the ideas for new Neptune’s features are coming from our users. No matter which contact method you feel the most comfortable with, it is important for us to hear your feedback. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us!