People and story behind Neptune

We are committed to creating a collaboration standard for data scientists.

The story of Neptune starts in 2016 when we won Kaggle’s Right Whale Recognition competition as a part of the team.

Back then we were struggling to track and share our work results, constantly getting annoyed by doing repetitive tasks. Everyone had their methods of working and storing results that weren’t making the reproducing result any easier. 

We were asking folks from various data science teams how they are approaching this challenge and realized, that no one has a good solution. 

Knowing that data scientists across the globe are losing their work results every day motivated us to create a solution that’s available for everyone.

We spun-off in 2018 to focus on creating a tool that manages the experimentation process while remaining lightweight and easy to use by any data science team.

Since then our mission is to make data scientists’ work more efficient providing them an easy way to track their work and collaborate. Our ambitious goal is to build a data science collaboration standard.


Right Whale Recognition was a computer vision competition organized by the NOAA Fisheries on the data science platform. 


Meet the team behind Neptune and how we work toward creating a collaboration standard for data science

Copy of PiotrN200

Piotr Niedźwiedź

CEO & Founder
Copy of JakubCz200

Jakub Czakon

Data Scientist & Product Evangelist
Copy of Kamil200

Kamil Kaczmarek

Data Scientist & Product Owner
2018-12-08 13.58.44

Paulina Prachnio

Customer Success & Biz-Dev
Copy of Gosia200

Małgorzata Boryń

Finance & Operations Manager
Copy of PiotrL200

Piotr Łusakowski

Technical Team Lead
Copy of Hubert200

Huber Jaworski

Senior Software Engineer
Copy of Adam200

Adam Nieżurawski

Senior Software Engineer
Copy of Marcin200

Marcin Kierski

Frontend Team Lead
Copy of Maciek200

Maciej Stankiewicz

Senior Frontend Engineer
Copy of Ola200

Aleksandra Mikuła

UX/UI Designer
Copy of JakubS200

Jakub Sadłowski

Senior Frontend Engineer


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