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Image Segmentation: Tips and Tricks from 39 Kaggle Competitions

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4th September, 2023

Imagine if you could get all the tips and tricks you need to hammer a Kaggle competition. I have gone over 39 Kaggle competitions including

 – and extracted that knowledge for you. Dig in.

External data

Data exploration and gaining insights


Data augmentations



Hardware setups

Loss functions

Training tips

Evaluation and cross-validation

Ensembling methods

Post processing

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this article gave you some background into image segmentation tips and tricks and given you some tools and frameworks that you can use to start competing.

We’ve covered tips on:

  • architectures
  • training tricks,
  • losses,
  • pre-processing,
  • post processing
  • ensembling
  • tools and frameworks.

If you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole, simply follow the links and see how the best image segmentation models are built.

Happy segmenting!


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