This Week in Machine Learning: AI Graphic Designer, Computational Limits, and AI Need for People

Posted July 21, 2020

There are many things in deep learning that we are not able to understand (yet). There are limitations, hidden secrets, and obstacles scientists are not ready to overcome. These are fascinating aspects that make us want to go deeper into the ML world. This week, we’re focusing on the limitations and human nature of the AI.

What has happened in ML over the last week? Here are the best picks. Enjoy the read!

Weekly Roundup: July 14-20

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» How an AI graphic designer convinced clients it was human by Thomas Macaulay on The Next Web | July 16

Quite a funny but extremely interesting story about an AI graphic designer and its clients. Doesn’t it make you think whether AI will actually replace us in the future? Make sure to check out this interesting read! 👨‍🎨

» Researchers develop AI algorithm that can generate images by Bryan Walsh on Axios | July 18

Short but informative. Check the article if you’re interested in working with text-generating algorithms. 🖼

» MIT researchers warn that deep learning is approaching computational limits by Kyle Wiggers on Venture Beat | July 15

Have we reached the computational limits in deep learning? What’s ahead of us? Read more in this article.

Also, check out the original study The Computational Limits of Deep Learning by MIT researchers

» Weird AI illustrates why algorithms still need people by Ben Dickson on Venture Beat | July 18

There’s a wide debate on whether AI will ever become independent and won’t need humans. Is it true? If you’re interested, check out this article.

» Could super Artificial Intelligence be, in some sense, alive? on Mind Matters | July 18

A little read for enthusiast of ethics and humanism in AI.

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