Neptune for Enterprise

The lightweight experiment tracker for your entire organization

Without an onboarding that goes on forever, you can give your Data Scientists and ML engineers the ability to:
  • Understand your experimentation with unmatched visibility
  • Control your models with a traceable single source of truth
  • Build reliable models faster with automated experiment tracking

Trusted by Enterprise worldwide

Data security for Enterprise

All the data you store in Neptune gets encrypted at rest.

And you can always access, download, or delete anything you’ve logged. Including training data, hyperparameters, and metrics.

And yes, were SOC2 compliant, too.
See more on security and compliance

Flexible deployment options

You can accomodate your unique security requirements by self-hosting Neptune. Deploy either on-prem or in your private cloud.

Or if you prefer, you can go with our SOC2 and GDPR-compliant SaaS version.
More about deployment options

Dedicated onboarding & support

Enjoy a smooth set-up with the support of our dedicated onboarding team.

Get answers to all your questions from your always-available customer rep.

And, you get 24/7 access to a team of engineers to fix any (extremely rare!) production issues ASAP.

Everything you’d expect from a solution built to scale

icon Enterprise-grade integrations

Easily connect Neptune to your stack

Adding software to your stack without breaking anything isn’t simple. Especially when you operate at scale.  

Neptune, as an MLOps stack component, seamlessly hooks into dozens of the most popular frameworks, libraries, and ML tools. Making it fuss-free for you to slot into your enterprise stack.

icon Single source of truth

All your metadata. All of your models.
In one place.

Organize all your model metadata in one place with Neptune’s searchable logging system. Reproducing past experiment versions in record time is now a reality.

With real-time visibility of projects throughout your organization, you can monitor the model development moving the needle for your business.

icon Improved productivity

Cross-corporation visibility and collaboration

Replace clumsy workarounds with instant collaboration using Neptune’s customizable workspaces and shareable links. 

Save your teams days of time with access to all your results in a common environment.

And you get unlimited users as standard. So you can add anyone in your org to your project— at no extra cost. Even if they aren’t actively involved.

icon Product security

Complete access control

Show your users only what they need to see. You can authorize users for whole workspaces or single projects only. And filter access based on role — including admin, owner, contributor, or view-only.

With SSO, you get the controls you need to govern identity and usage across your entire organization.

avatar lazyload
We trained more than 120 000 models in total, for more than 7000 subproblems identified by various combinations of features. Due to Neptune, we were able to filter experiments for given subproblems and compare them to find the best one. Also, we stored a lot of metadata, visualizations of hyperparameters’ tuning, predictions, pickled models, etc. In short, we were saving everything we needed in Neptune.
Patryk Miziuła Senior Data Scientist at
avatar lazyload
Neptune is an excellent choice for users with large-scale training activities, as the Neptune workflow is already set up to handle the most common model training scenarios. It’s a great tool to organize deep learning experiments, whereas most people have home-grown dashboards or, worse, no dashboards.
Dr. Robert Toth Founder of Theta Tech AI

Scalable experiment tracking starts here

You want a scalable solution for tracking your models that allows you to collaborate
quickly across your org. Get it by replacing your fragile, frustrating-to-use tools with
a stable, single source of truth for all your ML metadata. Only with Neptune.