We Raised $8M Series A to Continue Building Experiment Tracking and Model Registry That “Just Works”

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Neptune Team is free for academic researchers, professors, students,
and Kaggle competitors

Who is eligible?


Academic research teams working on the next big paper.

Professors and students

Professors and students who collaborate on classes and dissertations.


Kaggle teams to share results and win competitions.

What you get

Neptune Team plan for free:

  • Unlimited members
  • 200 GB of metadata storage
  • unlimited monitoring hours

How to get it

1. Create a team in the Neptune app
Create team
2. In the registration form, tick a box that says:

“Research projects at the University, educational or non-profit organization”

3. Confirm (we may check that later)

How to support us

1. Cite in papers

    author = {{neptune.ai}},
    title = {Neptune: experiment tracking and model registry},
    url = {https://neptune.ai},
    year = {2022},}

2. Use Neptune in your public projects and repos

600+ repos, packages and counting

3. Share in kaggle kernels or winning write-ups

4. Tell people about it!

Tag us on Linkedin or Twitter -> we will like, reshare and love you for it 🙂

5. Star our repo

But only if you like it 🙂 -> Here it is


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