What is – Product demo [20 min]

0 min
Patrycja Jenkner
23rd May, 2023

Learn what Neptune is and how it works from our Solution Architect, Aurimas Griciūnas.

In this short demo, he talks about:

  • 00:00

    What is Neptune?

  • 00:50

    Who benefits the most from using Neptune?

  • 02:00

    Neptune in the production pipeline

  • 04:01

    Neptune’s architecture: SDK + UI

  • 06:09

    Product demo

  • 19:11

    Deployment options

  • 19:53

    Security, compliance, and scalability

Other useful resources

Dive into Neptune’s documentation.

See our example projects – they are public and don’t require registration, so you can get a taste of Neptune’s API and play with the web app.

Get in touch if you’d like us to prepare a custom demo for your team.

Couldn’t find the use case you were looking for?

Just get in touch, and our ML team will create a custom demo for you.

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