SaaS vs On-prem

Choose the deployment option that meets your needs

Cloud (SaaS)

Store your metadata on Neptune’s servers, and let us take care of Neptune’s maintenance and performance.

Used by teams like:

Your infrastructure (on-premises)

Deploy Neptune on your own infrastructure or private cloud, either in a Kubernetes cluster or in a virtual machine that runs a Kubernetes cluster underneath the hood.

Used by teams like:

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Compare Neptune’s deployment options

Cloud (SaaS)
Your infrastructure (on-premises)
ML metadata storage
Hosted & managed by Neptune on GCP cloud
Hosted & managed by customer
Object storage (S3/GCS/Blob storage)
Hosted by Neptune on GCP cloud
Hosted & managed by customer
SSO support
Managed by Neptune
Managed by customer
Neptune web app service
Managed by Neptune
Managed by customer
App security
Managed by Neptune
Managed by customer
Maintenance (upgrades, backups etc.)
Managed by Neptune
Managed by customer
Chat and email support, SLA optional
Level of support depends on the pricing plan
Email support, SLA
Level of support depends on the pricing plan
Supported Clouds
AWS, GCP, Azure
Cloud (SaaS)
Your infrastructure (on-premises)
icon Self-hosting

What to consider when choosing the deployment option?


Data privacy

Our SaaS version is SOC2 and GDPR compliant, ensuring that we meet industry-standard security and privacy requirements

However, if your organization deals with sensitive data that cannot be processed outside your local servers, an on-premises offering would be a better fit.


Compliance requirements

Our SOC2 certification ensures that we also meet industry-standard compliance requirements

But, if your industry or organization has specific compliance requirements that must be met (such as HIPAA for healthcare), you may need an on-premises offering to ensure compliance.


Network connectivity

Our SaaS offering requires reliable internet connectivity for optimal performance.

If your organization operates in areas with unreliable internet connectivity or low bandwidth, using an on-premises offering that doesn’t rely on internet connectivity may be more suitable.


Data volume

Our SaaS version can handle large data volumes and provide sufficient processing power.

However, if your organization deals with a very large volume of data, an on-premises offering may be more cost-effective and provide faster processing speeds.


IT infrastructure

If your organization has the required IT infrastructure and in-house expertise to maintain an on-premises offering, then it may be a tempting option. 

But, keep in mind that choosing our SaaS offering will reduce the burden on your IT team and allow you to focus on other business priorities.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can install Neptune in your cloud account and other answers

  • Yes. Supported Clouds include AWS, GCP, and Azure.

  • Yes. Take a look at the requirements in our on-prem documentation.

  • Neptune is currently hosted in the Google Cloud Platform’s data centers in the European Union.

    If you have custom needs in that matter, contact

  • Yes, a free trial is available in on-prem deployment. If you’re interested, get in touch, and we’ll help you with that.

  • No, as those are separate instances.


  • Yes, however, some features may be available in the on-prem version with a delay.

    That’s because we release new on-prem versions every 3-6 months. Typically, we package new on-prem versions in a way to provide our on-prem customers with at least one significant improvement with each update.

    You can always check the Product portal for what will be included in the upcoming release.

    Note that if a critical bug is found, a new version with a fix is released as soon as the fix is ready. Non-critical bugs are fixed and delivered with the next update.

  • You will receive a heads-up a few weeks before a new version is available, as we recommend that you perform a backup and plan internally with users when the upgrade is the most convenient for you. During the upgrade, users may experience a short (around 30 minutes) downtime.

  • Any data you log to Neptune remains yours. Neptune does not claim ownership of such data.

    That being said, Neptune is granted certain rights to use and display that data for the purpose of providing the service. You may read all about it in our Terms of Service.

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