See everything your team is doing in a central experiment registry

With Team plan you get everything in the Individual plan and:

  • You can manage user access permissions
  • You can see and compare all your teams’ experiments
  • You can share anything you want by sending a persistent link
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Try all the features from Team plan without the credit card or time limits

“Neptune is making it easy to share results with my teammates. I’m sending them a link and telling what to look at, or I’m building a View on the experiments dashboard. I don’t need to generate it by myself, and everyone in my team have access to it.”

Maciej Bartczak

Resarch Lead @Banacha Street

Manage who can access each project and what they can do

Neptune lets you manage user permissions easily.

Give different roles to different people in your projects.

You can have:

  • data scientists with full edit permissions
  • managers that can see and comment
  • clients and business people that can only view what is going on

See ALL experiments your team runs

Have all the experiments your team is running in a central experiment repository.

With that you can:

  • Compare your runs with other teammates and gain insights
  • Drill down into things that other people tried
  • Access and download experiment data and trained models programmatically

Share anything you want with a link

When you are doing something in Neptune and want to share whith your team you can send the URL!

We have a system of persistent links that let you share:

  • Experiment details like performance charts or model binaries
  • Experiment comparisons with overlaid learning curves and parameter diff tables
  • Dashboard views: you can save them for later too
  • Notebook checkpoints and diffs

Just send a link, it’s that simple.

Join other happy teams organizing their ML projects in Neptune

How does Team trial work:

  • No credit card required
  • You get all the Team features
  • You get 1 project with no time limit
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“…all of our experiments organized in a single space…”

“Neptune allow us to keep all of our experiments organized in a single space. Being able to see my team’s work results any time I need makes it effortless to track progress and enables easier coordination.”